“You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you – that’s too passive.”
– Anita Campbell

Marketing techniques using electronic media or digital ads now, is in a more diverse form. Starting from website, social media, to native advertising, digital ads continue to color its development as one of the means of marketing.


Nowadays many companies moved from traditional media (television or banner ads) to digital ads, increasingly, because they are considered as the most cost-effective means. The effectiveness of digital concepts as a marketing medium is also the reason why nowadays traditional ads are getting abandoned.

Most companies in the world generally spend 10 to 15 percent of their total marketing budget via digital channels. However, marketing teams should take careful consideration in choosing the right marketing tool to achieve their targets.

Most business owners agree that one way to choose the most appropriate digital media ads is to do the calculations. Measurements at the micro level, such as, click-through-rates or the number of clicks on an ad, the number of visits to a website, or impressions (the number of ads detected by website visitors) can indicate whether a marketing channel is effective or not.


Target audience also needs to be a consideration in choosing a marketing medium. Digital channels, especially social media, are suitable to attract youth markets. Meanwhile, for people who are more mature, traditional media such as advertising on television is still more effective.

Customer experience becomes one of the stances that must be considered by the marketing team in the world of today’s marketing as a whole. The marketing team or even all employees need to get closer to the customer. Companies should try to understand what customers’s needs and demands are. Ask them through surveys or social media.

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After hearing and knowing the needs or problems of customers, the employee needs to try to solve the problem or find a way to meet the customer’s demands. That way, consumers will feel more engaged with the company.


Another thing that is not less important in digital marketing is the content, especially when using native advertising media. Because the tendency of today’s society just want to see and read what they find interesting and those that are considered important to them. Beyond that, do not expect to get the reader’s attention.

The digital marketing world is like a river. Something in it is easy to lose. If marketers do not include really good attractive content, then the digital ads will simply sink. In addition, most people now prefer to read articles that raise certain issues, rather than articles containing product reviews only. Therefore, knowing and understanding the target audience becomes very important to be noticed by the marketers.

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