“Why use social media? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” –Seth Godin

The world are shifting to a digital era and so is our lifestyle. Since the internet is available almost for everything, the marketing world also got the effect, it has become easier.


Recent marketers should combine, or even leave the traditional marketing and shift to digital marketing. It doesn’t mean that traditional marketing didn’t work. It’s just a step to live in this century. In the digital era.

Social media is definitely one of the largest phenomenon of digital living. In social media, people from different-even far-places can meet, interact, and communicate easily. It’s not surprising that social media becomes one of the best tool to do digital marketing.

In social media, a lot of people do hard selling. But this activity became so disturbing that even some social media made an arrangement, preventing accounts to do hard selling. The reason is, so it will not disturb other users, without any benefit for the social media management. Well, it’s a different problem if the account pays to place an advertisement in the social media platform to do digital marketing.


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Social media activation is one of many recommended ways to do a better marketing, specifically in doing a digital marketing strategy. In this approach, marketers bring new experiences for the target audience. As an audience, of course a person will love a nice interaction with others. In a good relationship, the target should know what they want and the marketer should know who their targets are.

To do social media activation and digital marketing, here are some easy steps you can do:



Have a (or some) special content that speak more than words. For example, captivating photos or videos that contains a story behind it, rather than just some beautiful random words combined together into a sentence without any meaning in it.



Choose the right social media to use. Young people loves Instagram. So learn how to make nice-attractive-pictures and put some ‘kick’ to the caption, to capture the audience. Keeping in mind, other ages may prefer to use other social media. So, knowing your target audience is very important to decide which platform you should use.

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After you posted the content in the right platform, give a quick response if needed. It’s a responsibility of a marketer to give explanation, share tips, mention prices, or inform the activity such as if product is ready, prepared, or sent.



Keep a good interaction with the audience, even when the sales activity had been done. Maintaining customer relation is not only at the selling process but also after it.

With these steps, you can easily plan and do a digital marketing strategy for your business, also keeping up with lifestyle changes in this era.

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