“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.” – Kevin Stirtz

Digital marketing has become the new easiest and cheapest way to sell products. It does not need an office, common distribution, or common advertising cost.


Even the new small businesses can use digital marketing as their marketing strategy. Here are the steps you can use to plan and start your digital marketing for your product!

Set Your Purpose & Plan
First, define the purpose of your business. Is it sociopreneur, non-profit, or pure entrepreneurship? After you have the answer, make a plan based on the purpose of your business. The plan will be best if it includes what, why, where, when, who, and how the digital marketing of the product. This plan will be the main guide of the next steps.

Prepare Tools
Prepare the tools that will be the digital marketing media. You can choose social media, search engine, marketplace, or even business website. Social media allows you to reach a lot of people with the setting it offer. Some social media also offer advertising, but mainly, it is not free. 

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Search engine also can be optimized by setting your website, make some qualified contents, and use the right keywords in your contents. This will help your product becomes first in search result.

Prepare Good Contents
Good website without good contents will not help your marketing at all. You need to prepare good contents that does not only inform about the products, but also give useful information for readers. This will make readers read and come back again eventually.

Personalize Clients
If you’re a client of a company, how do you want them to serve you? Of course you’ll love it if they treat you personally. They know what you need and how you like something. This will make your clients loyal. A loyal client will share and recommend about you, your product, and your serve for free to others.  

Practice To Be Perfect
There is no free lunch, people said. Digital marketing is not a lesson taught at school. To be perfect, you need to practice and learn. Make sure to join a digital marketing group or digital marketing learner group. These groups will help you to increase knowledge. Usually, people in groups like this are able to share their knowledge and experiences.

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If you are still confused on how to do your digital marketing, better seek and consult to the expert, they will help finding the right digital strategy for your business. Interested in reading more about digital marketing? Click here!