“If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.” – Robert Baden-Powell

Digital world makes people looks like they are living in one family. It’s easy for people to know one another, although in real life they live in different country.


Updated information can get to any person in no minutes. Journalistic is not only for journalists. The open joining of social media make common people can reporting everything. This condition affect to marketing world with the method calls digital marketing.

Marketing means ways to sell products using advertisements. But it gets wider meaning as it becomes an effective way to sell products. So it’s common that a company has marketing division with marketing staff in it. Those staff has to meet clients and do the marketing, with or without advertising media.

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So, digital marketing means the way to sell products digitally or by digital world. Here are three tips to help you run a successful digital marketing campaign!

Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on allow people to know one another, with almost unlimited friends. People prefer use social media to socialize their self than website. Using social media as a tool to share information will open new market. It’s easy to get the targeted market, because usually social media asks information on hobbies, interests, or activities. Company can use social media for free, or paid. Free social media marketing can do by sharing useful informations for followers. 

Digital Ads

Some social media allow users to do advertising in vary prices. Company can choose the appropriate ones. The social media will share the advertisement to their users that has the similar hobby, activity, or interest. It can be very targeted, too. To make an interesting advertisement, you can ask an advertising company to do it for you. Share what you want, to make an advertisement that fit you best.


This method asks the company to maximize the function of search engine. When company share about products, the company should also analyze the keyword. Keyword analysis tool usually has been prepared by the search engine company. SEO will help company to make their products easily found by internet users.

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Digital marketing is the marketing method that commonly use in internet world. It can be follow by digital ads to make products well known. Still curious about digital marketing and advertising? Click here to see more articles!