As of 2017, there have been 2.5 billion users currently on Facebook and Twitter combined.

That is a huge number and that is only for the two platforms alone. That percentage hasn’t even included those on Instagram and every other social media providers exist on the internet at the moment. By comparison, there are 7.6 billion people in this world as of December 2017. There are roughly one third of the entire people of this planet that are currently on Facebook and Twitter. If hadn’t already got where this is going, let’s put it this way: Behind those people who are on social media is an untapped potential to be converted into profit.



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Social media marketing is a hot topic today. Even big industry players, those whose fame has been cemented since decades (if not centuries) ago couldn’t resist having their hand in the game. If you wonder why this is the case, it would be because social media have some upper hands over other conventional marketing tools. They connect people regardless of where they are. It allows people to post everything for others to see. And they are free to use—even in the case of paid advertising, the rate would not exceed that of other conventional methods.

Brand activation is also made easy with the presence of social media. In fact, activation of this kind and social media go along very well as if one is created to match the other specifically. With a digital activation, it is possible for you to develop a kind of brand awareness so your business can gain exposure on the internet intensely. Paired with good SEO, these two methods are a recipe for success that you need to try to embrace today. You can tap into the potentials lie within people in the world.

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