A website is your company’s digital resume.

If for a long time you sell short on a website, you need to ditch that perspective and start doing your best to come up with a website that not only looks good but also is full of information. This all has everything to do with digital activation, a concept that essentially asks you to start treating your business as a precious living entity. By direct correlation, the concept also has so many things to do with crafting an identity for your business, put in other words, a brand. No, we’re not talking about a brand simply as a trademarked intellectual property. We’re talking about things beyond that sense.


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When you see a company’s logo, what comes in your mind? You will likely be reminded of its product and aftersales. This is what you need to aim at: Creating a sense of correlation and association that link people with an image of a company. And without a good website, this is not something you can achieve, not by a long shot. For a website to be good and professional, it must be supported by a service of search engine optimization. SEO is the “weapon” you can rely on when “battling” competitors for that number one spot on the first page of search engine. If your brand sits on top of the search results, people will likely to get to you first and skip all other choices hidden on second page onward.

But solely having a good looking website alone is not enough today. You need to have everything accompany with marketing through social media. The combination of well-crafted identity, good technicality on website, and visible marketing on social media is a potent recipe for success in these days of digital era. Your company will enjoy high traffic into the website and your products’ presence will be recognized for a long time.

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