So you managed to establish a company recently and are bemused by the sudden realization that it does not bring business home as much as you had hoped for.

If this is what happens, you need to go back to the drawing board, especially to look into the problems in your marketing efforts. If you hadn’t done anything of particular interest that goes along with today’s online tendency, you need to stop and figure it out. Have you implemented SEO methods? If you haven’t, now you see the problem: Your website is driven into the back burner while people stick to those results on the first page.


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Get professional SEO experts and have them work their magic on your website. Once done, you can move forward to thinking about brand activation. Don’t be bedazzled by the buzzword. It may look so technical it’s not relatable but the basic is probably more familiar than you care for. It is actually a process of creating brand awareness, especially online. The logic is simple. If you manage to create an identity that everyone can easily recognize, you have made your presence online. Logo, slogan, tagline, jingle, and everything else in between play a big role in this regard.

When you’re done crafting the brand’s image and identity, you can begin social media marketing. Advertise your products or services on each and every one of the social media platforms out there but stick with the most popular one to ensure intense online exposure. Set a special account for your company on each one of them and engage with audience closely.

And here are the 15 easy steps to social media marketing success that you, small business owners, can apply:

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You may not get millions of followers at the beginning but you get the gist: Do this consistently and you will eventually get the chance to take off. Use the account to its fullest potential.

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