Internet has become a very interesting thing lately.

It is like the real window of the world. People can see the world, even outer space just by using the internet. They can know what is happening in the other part of the continent by accessing the internet. Surely, information can be accessed really fast. It works much better compared to radio and television. Related to this, now there is also search engine. This is a new way of finding information. Now, looking for information can be accessed as easy as typing the keyword. When the keyword has been inputted, then there will appear several links related to the keyword.



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The technology of search engine can also be optimized for marketing. It is very possible to use it for marketing. Websites of many products are possible to appear in the top list of search results. Of course, this can increase the possibility for people to access and open the site. This will make them now the product, even when they only see it in the blink of eye and close it. There can be many ways to make the sites appear in the top list of search result. In this case, the SEO is the best way.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and this approach of marketing can be used to make certain websites appear in the top list of searches in search engines like Google. This is helpful for companies or industries who want to boost their branding and marketing strategy. This is also much cost-efficient compared to advertising their products into the TV or mass media like the radio.

Advertising in TVs or magazines has become less effective. Some people even call it as old-school since it is no longer the trend to advertise in those media. Internet can work better for marketing and advertising. This cannot also be separated from the facts that people now always spend their time in the internet, including social media. Social media has become so popular and almost all people with smartphone and tablet have account in social media. With this fact, then this can be accessed and optimized as the marketing.  In this case, then Social Media Marketing can be a good way to boost the advertising.

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