Nowadays, a lot of people have been obsessed with social media.

Social media has become the new ways to communicate with others. It is no longer the era where people had to send their letters and spent their time to wait for the replies. It is also no longer the era where communicating by the phone is the best way of communication. Social media provides much better access for communication. It is no longer texts or sounds only. Social medias provides texts, sounds, and even live videos, so people can get connected to other people, even the people in other continents. This is great improvement to enjoy.



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Of course, social media is not only means of communication. It can provide fast and easy access to communicate with others. But, it is also the media to transfer and exchange information. Some people also use the social media to find many interesting information, whether it is in the form of texts, photos or images, or even videos. In this case, information is not limited to the news only, but some information of products can also be seen. In this part, then Social Media Marketing becomes so popular. Since people can access many things through social media and even they spend their time in these media, then it can be a new way of marketing and advertising. Customers engagements can be higher compared what is found in the marketing through televisions or newspapers. That is why many companies and industries start to optimize the social media as the way to promote their products.

Of course, things do not stop in there. There is also search engine that has become so popular as the fastest way to collect information. They only need to type the keyword, and there will be many sites and links appear related to what they are looking for. When companies want also to make their website placed in the top search, there is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is a cool way to boost marketing and this also works in the same ways as the marketing in the social media.

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