Marketing can be quite confusing at times.

This can be confusing when the marketing staffs have no reference or information. In this case, marketing is no longer effective when the products are advertised in the televisions or newspapers. Some years ago, these worked, but it has changed now. Televisions and printed newspaper are no longer the best media for marketing. Nowadays, people spend more of their time in front of laptop or PC screen. Gadget screen also gets more attention compared to screen of TVs. Things have changed and internet has got more attention.



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It is true that internet has become the source of attention and people spend their time with internet. It is because the internet provides what TV and newspapers provides. Texts, photos and images, videos, and even live videos can be accessed easily with internet. Information can be accessed in the blink of eye. Things can be seen and found easily. Moreover, now there is social media as the way to communicate. Even, it is more than for communication. This can also be accessed to get information and share news. That is why social media have always become central of attention. In this case, marketing can also work in the social media. That is why there is social media marketing as the good way for marketing. This can work better compared to TVs.

The marketing by using social media can be great choice of marketing. This can work really well in increasing people engagement. People can get better information. Even, although they only see it shortly and scroll the screen, they already get image of the products and this can be make them know about it. Of course, this can also work better when it is supported by Digital Activation. This can be combined with the social media advertising to get better results of marketing. There will be no problem in marketing anymore.

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