Let’s talk about SEO.

In this article, we’ll discuss why SEO is inarguably important and why its existence is what makes your company relevant.


We previously mentioned how you can find any kind of information on the internet very easily, from learning how to tie a knot to how to fly a plane. Yes, with internet you can literally explore the world with ease. Internet has made humanity do so many things that nobody in the 1900’s would have never imagined. It also has been said several times that internet is the world’s greatest gift to humanity.

Don’t worry, because we’re not going to talk much about internet, but we’re going to talk about why we should utilize internet to make your company visible to many people, including your audience. How is internet exactly going to make your company become more visible and in what way is internet going to benefit your business?

Now, imagine this; have you ever had this question so out of the blue, that if you ask people the question they’ll show you the weirdest facial expression ever? Now, you can look for the answer for that random question of yours on Google. Yep, Google simply knows everything! You can ‘ask’ any kind of question such as “who is the first president of Zimbabwe” or even “how to get rid of bed bugs”, and Google would still find you the link to the answer, which is why the saying “just Google it” has become so popular lately.

Google, a search engine, allows you to find any kind of information you need. When people type something onto the Google search bar, they would usually click on to the top 5 link that shows on the front page of Google. Why is that? Because search engines don’t just randomly put any kind of links to the search result. Instead, they find links that have the most similar keywords with the words on the search bar.

Now imagine doing that with your business. Yes, your company can also be shown on the top result page on search engines, and we can help you with that. Let’s say you run a catering business, and you want your catering business to known by people. You’ve put on several marketing and advertising efforts, but the results have yet to come. The solution to that would be working on the SEO for your company. Since everybody looks for every kind of information through Google, it’s time for your company to be seen by people using the power of SEO.

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