“Media placement is the method of conveying an ad message using the help of the media such as TV, radio, newspaper, banners, and such.”

Then what makes it any different from the traditional product placement method?


While both of these methods are practically the same, using the ‘digitalized’ version of this strategy is believed to be far more effective than using the traditional one. How so?

The reason behind that is simply because even small business owners can easily place ads for their company without having to spend a lot of money doing so. Not only that, most people have switched from using only TV, radio, newspaper and such to using the internet on a daily basis, meaning that a lot of people will be able to see your product.

Simpler and cheaper’–

–nothing can describe digital media placement better than that. Let us tell you why;

Firstly, you will spend a lot less money to place an ad for your product on the internet rather than using the traditional method.

Secondly, just by clicking here and there, you can advertise your products to the 3 billion internet users.  

Thirdly, most of the millennials use the internet on a daily basis.

Looking at the three factors we mentioned above, it is very possible for your product to get more exposure to the public, of course resulting to increase in sales.

Although simpler and cheaper, to apply this strategy, you will need to get help from the experts in order to get the best result your company needs. Without their help, the message you had conveyed in the ads may not reach your potential customers. Using the right hands, your ads will be delivered to the people that want your product the most.

Dorado is capable of doing so. We have worked with plenty of companies with a different type of characteristics and Dorado has helped them reach their ultimate goal, which is to generate even more sales.

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