Back then when the internet wasn’t as popular as TV, companies all over the globe always try to entice their audience by solely creating advertisements on billboards, TV, radio, newspaper, and any other platforms. But now, it’s the other way around. Nobody watches TV as much as people did back then. Now, you can access everything through the internet. You can watch your favorite shows from your smartphone or tablets that you can bring anywhere. Not only that, you can also obtain any kind of information in the blink of an eye using internet.


Since people has ‘migrated’ from using more traditional media sources into a more modern one, which is internet, big companies and advertisers have changed their advertising approaches. As of 2017, around 2.5 billion people have already used social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and just by looking at that fact, you should digitalize your company already!

Why should you digitalize your company?

People can access and find information about everything on the internet in a split second. Living in the age where living without internet is impossible, you definitely should utilize the opportunity to make people know about you and the business you’re running using the help of the social networking sites. Looking at the example of big companies like Coca-Cola, Adidas and any other well-known brand, they are able to make people love their brand even more using the help of social networking sites.

If you offer people convenience and easiness to access and gain information about what you and your company have, wouldn’t that make your audience fall in love with you? People love it when they can accomplish and get things they want easily, and if we can give people exactly what they want, wouldn’t that also make your audience trust you even more? Exactly!


The question is, how do we accomplish that?

We are experts on social media management.

Dorado offers you to collaborate with us to activate your social networking pages. With internet, we can help you to develop strategies that can be used to boost your company’s positioning in the market. That, and many other features that will surely help your company grow stronger and ultimately, win the competition using the help of social networking sites. Also, people love it when they can communicate with their favorite company. You can make it happen! Sounds like a very good deal, doesn’t it?

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