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With limited experience, launching a website can be both exciting and overwhelming. The truth is nothing in life is “one size fits all,” and it is important for you to not be afraid of failing in taking your first step in website development because we all fail more than once. While this many not be 100% applicable to everyone, it is important to include these essential aspects that can make or break your site and determine whether you will retain your existing and new readers.

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About Page

It is essential for you to include an “About” page/section due to its effectiveness in showing your audience who you are and what you stand for. This can in turn aid you in cultivating a personal connection with your readers. If you have your “About” section readily available on your visitors’ first visit, you are more likely to attract return visitors.

Social Media Buttons

In order to bring visitors to your profiles, it is a good idea to make sure that you have your social media accounts easily accessible on every page by creating a header that has clickable social media buttons. When readers come across something they like from your brand, they will look for me. By ensuring that your social media accounts are always easily accessible, visitors are given the chance to be connected with you even more giving you the chance to turn them to buyers.

Lots of Content

During the launch of your website, it is wise to make sure you have plenty of interesting content to attract a good amount of visitors. You should strive to catch their attention from the first day, and keep them coming back for more. Do remember to set aside enough time before the launch date to focus on content creation.

Clear Theme and Consistent Colour Scheme

It is important for there to be a consistency between fonts, colours, and design in your website. Too much design going on can confuse and overwhelm your readers. Imagine yourself visiting a website for the first time, you probably like it when you are able to understand the style and theme the website is going for. You should focus on making sure that your website is as visibly pleasing and professional as you can from the get-go as a good design can definitely get you a long way.

Have a Freebie or Giveaway

In order to build your email list successfully, you would need to have as much audience involved in your mailing list as possible. It is impossible to do that without giving your readers a reason to give their email to you. The best way to accomplish this is to create some sort of valuable “freebies” or “giveaways” they can download via email. By making your readers aware of freebies you give away when they enter their email, you are more likely to grow your list, keep your existing readers, and gain more followers.

No website should look or function exactly like another website, so don’t bother on copying any other website. What has been discussed in this article are generalised information that can be applied to just about every website out there. These things are essential no matter what purpose your website serves and will help you find success. Don’t forget to have fun with launching a website, feel proud of your work, and confident in the results after launching.

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