“Innovation needs to be part of your culture.Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer.




Digital marketing has no signs of slowing down or stopping due to emerging competitions among businesses, brands, industries and companies, sending each of them in a frenzy to look for new competitive advantages and ways to connect with more customers. With that being said, these are the 3 digital marketing trends that you can expect to appear in the upcoming future.

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Social Media Will Be Communicative and Conversational

Businesses will not be viewing social media only as a one-way conversation, but also to engage with audiences and gauge their wants and needs. Businesses will learn what type of content, post, products and services that will relate better to the wants and needs of their target audience. Here are additional steps that companies can take to develop a more intimate relationship with their customers, increase brand awareness, gain consumer trust and strengthen brand loyalty which includes:

  • Creating and posting engaging subject matter
  • Asking and answering questions made by consumers
  • Responding within 24-48 hours (quick response time)
  • Interacting with audiences by having conversations through user posts and comments
  • Personalisation of the user experience by utilising user-generated content that relates and resonates with customers.

Videos Will Be Refined For an Optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO helps business owners understand how their audiences behave and interact, making it vital for businesses to focus on improving their SEO to make it precise to cultivate a closer relationship with target audiences. The ever-changing nature of search engines makes it necessary for business to adapt to the changing algorithms to keep their rankings intact. This is where video will be beneficial.

Studies made has shown that, “Video is shared 1,200% more than both links and text combined.” Videos have the chance to reach a greater number of users and develop strong emotional connections with viewers due to its highly engaging nature.

It is predicted that businesses will be focusing more on optimising video content to improve SEO rankings. It is vital for us to ensure that details added into the video contain these three aspects:

  • An appealing video title
  • Closed captioning (optional)
  • High-volume keywords
  • Description
  • URL
  • Optimize video content so that it is timely, relevant and engaging.

When done right, this can help increase social media engagement, generate solid leads, create a more effective call to action and increase sales.

Email Marketing Will Get Up Close and Personal

Consumers have realised that these days, when it comes to connecting with brands, it’s the little things that matter, these can be seen from the growing concern over personalisation. Which is why taking the extra step to personalize emails can result in more loyal customers and more conversions. When creating a personalised email marketing campaign, it is important to include:

  • Promote products and services that are appealing to customers
  • Curate creative contents that is engaging and represents who you are as a brand
  • Craft brief but impactful and memorable content
  • Create specific emails based on your different market segments
  • Make emails more accessible to mobile devices
  • Create an email content that is personalized and optimized

As we stride forwards, it is crucial to keep in mind that implementing one of these trends is good but will be made better if you incorporate all of them cohesively across digital initiatives.

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