“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.” –Chris Brogan

These days the internet is one of the most essential things that people need for their daily activities. As for business, internet has largely impacted the platform of commerce and has changed the way people seek information to fulfill their needs. Huge crowds are leaving the traditional platform of seeking product advertisement through television, especially printed media. Now, they can easily look up to product information through one click using the internet.



Unlike the internet, television and printed media cannot reach their audiences at any time. Meanwhile, internet is accessible almost anywhere and anytime as more and more people use smart phone and more areas are supported with network. Therefore, advertising through the net is a more effective and cost affordable way to reach larger, unbounded audiences.

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However simple as it may sound, you’ll need to be able to make use of the benefits of the internet for your business. As stated earlier in this article, internet can easily reach broad audiences. Time and distance are no longer limits for the interaction. Moreover, internet allows producer to specify its target audiences so the interaction will be more personal. By engaging larger and stronger interaction with target audiences through digital campaign, you gain higher prospect. Fortunately, the potential prospect comes in affordable price.

Digital campaign allows small enterprises with limited sources promote their products without concerning time and distance limitation. Conventional advertisement on television is known for costing significant amount of money. Thanks to digital campaign that lets small, potential enterprises grow by making fortune from commerce through the net.

The real time mechanism on the digital platform also provides important references for producers of how people respond to their products. Should there be satisfaction or disappointment, we can learn to develop our products precisely based on people’s experiences. Digital campaign provides enough space for companies to compete. It is an opportunity for developing companies to expand their products.

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