“Better content is outweighing more content.” – Rand Fishkin

SEO and content marketing have changed the digital marketing world. SEO refers to the technical process of increasing the quality of traffic and attracting maximum visitors to your website. On the other hand, content marketing is focused on using valuable and relevant content to drive profitable customer or client action.


The problem is that SEO and content marketing are separated, as if they were two very different things. The truth is, however, that they go together, overlap, cohere, blend. Some people think that content marketing eliminates the need for SEO.

SEO without content marketing is like a body without a soul. In order to be successful, both must go hand in hand. To see any profitable traffic and high-quality inbound leads coming in through user search, you have to strategize your content around solid SEO. So, how can you set up your own SEO content strategy?

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There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage. By starting at the foundation-level of your content and building upwards, incorporating SEO every step of the way.Keyword research alone does not an SEO strategy make. Instead, we want to begin by defining your brand’s purpose and expertise.

Once you have your expertise nailed down, you’ll be able to combine this knowledge with your audience data to come up with all kinds of content topics, ones that are in your wheelhouse and appeal to readers. SEO and content marketing require consistency. Fresh, unique and creative content gets rapidly indexed and ranks higher than low-value and repetitive content.

SEO and content marketing are not disparate departments. In fact, both need each other. Content marketing is only successful if it has appropriate SEO. SEO is actually all about content marketing. And content marketing is all about SEO. Together, SEO and content marketing are explosive.

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