“Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.” – Arjun Basu

Digital campaign is obviously today’s style of marketing. Not only it is a trend, but also it is proven to be effective, affordable way to reach audiences which is distance no longer a limit and cost can be reduced—compared to conventional TV advertising. The prospect is also promising with large population around the globe spend more time each day using the internet than the more traditional media such as TV and radio. However, there are things to consider to make a qualified, yet effective digital campaign.



To avoid failures from happening to your digital campaign, you should be aware of and avoid some mistakes which will be explained below:

Lack of Plan and Preparation

Digital campaign is not merely putting on advertisement in the internet. You will come to a set of selection of media, tools, platform, and audiences. To avoid confusion, set a time limit in creating the campaign. Be realistic with the time needed. Do not rush when releasing the campaign in order to create qualified promotion. Lastly, make sure you have a clear intention, know what you need to achieve it, and obviously, you will need to know what you’re doing.

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Lack of Personal Approach to the Audiences

Audiences like to feel their lives are involved in advertisements. Hence, do not talk only about your product. Communicate about why your product is useful and how it will be part of solution in people’s daily. Make them feel like they can somehow relate to your brand. That way, you will increase the chance of getting them to join the campaign.

Undetermined and Undefined Target Audiences

Larger audiences do not always equal with larger opportunity. Only invite the crowds who are interested in your product and are able and willing to spend for it. Identify characters of people that often buy your products. Find out communities related to your business and learn about their needs and problems. Find solution of the problem and include it in your content. To find those things, you can do a research

Not Focusing on Goals

If you have limited resources, stay focused on your goal. Having too many targets to achieve involves more resources and is both energy and mentally draining. Find out and define the most ultimate goal that your campaign is targeting to achieve, and you will create the most successful digital campaign for your company.

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