“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” –Beth Comstock

Every business have close relationship with marketing. Product cant transfer to consumer without marketing. Even direct marketing or digital marketing has to prepare properly to reach maximum results.


Small business or big one, new business or the old generation should manage marketing. Marketing should introduce the product to market, make good campaign, branding, advertise it, and so on. There are a lot of ways to do marketing. Big company will prepare a lot of money for this, but small business should manage more. Here are five steps digital marketing for small business.

Know Your Goals And Tools

It is important to know the goals. When you had a defined goals, all of your act will focus on the goal. Goal become guidance and controller of every move. Make sure to define your goal and fight to reach it. Tools prepared to help you reach your goal. Tools can be hardware, software, internet connection, or relationship you build with others. Know your tool to understand the way maximize them.

Prepare Content, Picture, Campaign, And Focus

Content and picture can describe your goal. You can also use them to strengthen your campaign to make your product accepted in market. Once you have theme of your content, picture, and campaign, stay focus on it.

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Learn About Digital Advertising, SEO, And Update Knowledge To Easy Customers Reach You

Knowledge about digital advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), and other digital marketing development will increase your possibility to survive.

Online On-time Continuously

Optimum digital marketing won’t work without your online activity. If you post working hours in your page, make sure you do it continuously. This will make customer easily find you. Give them fast and nice responds. Answer their questions, make nice and safe packaging, send quickly as customer requested, and follow up. This will make them trust you.  Sometimes, give customer attention. Such as send birthday greeting, pray for them when they sick, or other attention. Inform promotion period and new product to them.

Keep Making Good Innovative Product And Inform Them Online

While marketing working, you should keep making good innovative products. High class digital marketing will be useless if you can’t keep the product quality. Remember, positive or negative review can share fast and easily in digital world.

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Don’t forget to inform your innovative product online. This will looks like circle of producing and marketing. Manage those activities to gain your goal. Interested in more things about digital marketing? Click here!