“We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions.” – David Walmsley

The key of success business are the product, the management, and the marketing. Even small business has to make these three activity work. Digital advertising and SEO can help to make them work. How small business can do it? Let’s find out.


Advertising (Ads) is put information in any media in purpose to make people want to buy or do something. Common advertising do by put information in newspaper, magazine, TV, or radio. Company should pay big money for advertising. Especially TV advertising. But, because every TV has remote control, many people leave advertising to watch another TV Programs. Company should find another advertising method.

Since internet can access by almost every people, advertising entering new era. This call digital advertising. Digital ads prepared for online media. People prefers online media because it’s update and fast. People also can choose programs that suitable for them. This will not find in TV.

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Digital advertising can prepare by professional designer. Company can share what they want in detail information so that the designer can transform it into digital advertising. Digital ads can be a picture, short movie, or just small picture that appear under information or movie. For some website, company can post this for free. But others may post only with payment. But in the eye of the amount internet users can reach, it’s worth it.

Company also can do search engine optimization (SEO) to make the product more found-able. SEO work by optimising keyword to make it appear as the first in search result, at least appear in the first page. To make SEO work, company can use tools that search engine already prepare. One of the tool is keyword analyzer. This tool analyze keyword to show will it optimum if place in website. Company can ask for help to search engine company to get advice and suggestion. The keyword chosen can place in the advertisement and every content of the website.

Company can make a page that connect to banner that placed in another website or blog. This called landing page. Company can share information in the page that ask reader to use the product advertised. Blog or website that placed this banner can choose by an event to introduce the product. The participant got free sample, but they had to report the event and place the landing page banner in their page. It’s mutualism for both.

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