“Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.” —Jared Spool

Digital activation focuses on the experience that users want, which is one way to increase brand engagement with users. Digital activation is applied in order to meet the needs of users, so users will experience the digital world and make it easier for users to remember the brand that the entrepreneur wants them to realize. It will also indirectly brings the brand engagement to a higher level. This brand engagement is the process of establishing a rational emotional relationship between the business actor and the customer.


Brand engagement with digital activation will result in reputation, customer expectations, great ideas, and value to the business, to benefit the business financially. Brand engagement can be established through social media and websites. Business people should pay attention to the basic concept of business and website design used.

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Appropriate website design components will also support the process of the product’s marketing in the business. The existence of a website is also very important in the B2B business process, i.e. the sales of products or services by one business and destined for other businesses, so it doesn’t focuses solely on the customer alone. B2B businesses have a greater risk than B2C.

In addition, this type of B2B business marketing strategy is the most important to make your customers believe in the quality of your brand or product. Customers will see how strong the brand is compared with other similar brands. The thing that cannot be separated from the importance of the brand is the display of media used for your product’s marketing. One of the media that can be used is website. Therefore, you should consider the right website design to market your product.

The right website design should be tailored to the type of product or service you produce. In addition, you should also consider the layout of each component you want to present in the homepage. Not just the color selection compositions and supporting images, but you also need to choose the right font type for you to use in the presentation of the content. Typefaces or fonts and font colors are one of the important components to be calculated in website design.

All of this are done in order to create an optimized and comfortable website. In addition, you should adjust the selection of fonts with the overall layout of the website. A website design will be better if you only use two types of fonts only. This will make your website cleaner, neater, and not make visitors feel bored.

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However, all of these aspects needs to be carefully and thoroughly made, so that the website will be usable for both the visitors and the administrators. For this, you will need professional help to create a wonderfully designed website.

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