“The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years.” – Rupert Murdoch

Digital marketing is a marketing way that utilizes internet technology. Many ways can be done to do digital marketing. Starting from marketing methods that require little funds, to methods that requires substantial funds.


In determining the fund, you must analyze the needs for business marketing. You also have to determine what media will be used. One example of the media that can be used to improve your business is advertising media. Advertising is the main support for making consumers aware of the products or services you offer.

Ads that are often used in the digital business world are known as digital ads. The use of digital advertising also has a role to communicate the value of the brand of the products that you offer to consumers. So, indirectly, the use of digital advertising can improve the position and strength of your product brand in the business market.

Digital advertising has many benefits, one of which is that you can target consumers more directly and measurable, compared with using conventional advertising. Targeting is an important point in conducting your marketing strategy and advertising. So, when businesses place advertisements by targeting the appropriate market, they expect to get the desired response from the intended market.

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The desired response from advertising installation can be adjusted to the main objectives you want to achieve. When installing digital advertisements, do you want to increase brand awareness of products offered or to increase sales? All of your goals must be set, so you can choose the right type of digital ad for your business.

The types of digital ads that can be utilized are advertisements provided by Google, Facebook and Instagram. These digital service providers use narrow targeting technology, making it suitable for use to strengthen product profiles for new brands. So, one way to overcome the limitations of funds is to use digital advertising services.

Installation of digital advertising can be adjusted to the availability of funds that you have. As a first step you can try using a digital advertising service with a limited period of time, just for a few months. This is recommended to do, to see how much is the impact of digital advertising for your business. Adjust the city, age, gender, and other demographics of your target audience, to reach your goal.

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Digital ads is a part of integrated marketing communication that will continue to grow amid the ever changing needs of consumers and want to equalize existing technological developments and lifestyles. Interested in reading more about digital ads and digital marketing? Click here!