“Social media are tools. Real time is a mindset.” – David Meerman Scott

Business owners have their own way to promote their business, thus, they have their own marketing strategies. If you are a business owner or marketer, what platform do you use to promote and expand your business in your digital marketing?


Facebook, Instagram, radio, broadcast messages, endorsement or flyer? Well, have you tried YouTube? YouTube is a video hosting online service to allow people to share video. YouTube can be used to express your brand’s personality, monitor feedback, provides customer service, and help customers to spread your business globally. How does it works? Here are some of the features and its function.

YouTube Video

YouTube video covers all video topics that are suitable for people and useful to watch. Video is easy to share, it can be forwarded into other media such as email and website as an optimization of social media marketing.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is a self-service and reporting tool that provides data about the video uploaded to see of your video viewers. YouTube analytics gives you information such as the first video experience, the numbers of the viewers, in what gender and age group are the videos most popular, which country is the most popular video, how many comments and ratings have been made by viewers, and so on.

YouTube Channels

You can manage YouTube channel for business. It allows you to customize your channel with the image that represents your company. Your channel includes the ‘About’ section, where you can provide a brief description of your business and a link to the website or contact details.

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There will be a web address (URL) that you can promote on your website or marketing program. It means that when you log in to YouTube, your video will be listed on the YouTube homepage. Playlist is created to show the video of your each product category. It really helps you.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising combines the feature which allows business to promote their video to more specific target viewers. It can be targeted by the demography, the topics and the interest of the customers. By having YouTube ads, you can choose the location of where and when your ads appeared, manage the format, even how much you are willing to pay per view.

What are the benefits of using YouTube for business? You must be aware of the improvement of social media marketing to make your business reach wider. YouTube is present as a solution. It really works and have a lot of benefits, such as, demonstrating the products, creating a community, saves bandwidth, shows your brand personality, utilize events or promotion, and solve customer problems. 

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There’s really no wrong in using YouTube to expand your brand and business. Interested in reading more about digital marketing and social media marketing? Click here to see more articles alike!