“To make Facebook ads convert well, companies will focus on their conversion rates by running promotions, discounts and special deals to Facebook users in order to get better returns on the campaign. Part of it is also targeting the right people at the right time.” – Unknown

Facebook becomes the giant of social media, because it’s the most visited one. Thus, business owners, marketers, utilize Facebook as one media to promote their business or brands. They apply social media marketing into their business. It works effective and flexible.


If you become a part of those marketers who use Facebook for your advertisement, you have to know the best placement on your advertisement. There are some parts of choice for you in the placement which it’s required in Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Here are some choices of the following advertisement placements.

News Feed


If you choose to place your ad in the Facebook ad desktop news feed, the Facebook section where your friend and family appears, it will look like an ordinary Facebook and not an ad.

Desktop news feed Facebook ad blend in with their environment and do not interfere with experience. The goal is worthy of this placement: click to website, offer claims, and video views.

The Facebook ad also appears in the news feed that is accessed by people through mobile events. There is a probability that the people will see your ad because the news feeds fill the phone screen and the posts appear on the phone screen one by one.

Right Colomn


The right ad appears in the bar located on the right side of Facebook, sandwiched between the news feed and the ticker. The benefits for this placement it’s less invasive because it’s not big and can be seen next to the front and centre of the screen.

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Audience Network


Your Ads will appear on the Facebook publisher’s partner application and website. The benefits are serving your advertising customers network liven up your reach, you can not only potentially reach active users 1 billion every day, but also 1 billion viewers. Audience networks allow you to publish advertisement on Facebook, on websites and applications that people often visit.

Instant Article


This feature makes the articles accessible via mobile application. It opens in the Facebook application with a similar format of the publisher’s website, the Facebook users will read your ads. It is possible to establish your products everywhere in your customers experience using Facebook ad.



Instagram is one of the recommended placements of your Ads because of the based content filling. The Ads will come up on Instagram feeds among all of many Instagram users.

Now, you decide your own Facebook Ads.

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