“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” – Jay Baer

Digital campaign is a new way of marketing by relying on digital media which, of course, involves the internet. In terms of media, the digital campaign strategy is definitely at the forefront. In applying it, you as business owners or as business marketers, have to look out for the ideas in creating the campaign.


If you have ever heard about out-of-the-box thinking strategies, it is the best way to make the real marketing campaign. It is implemented to run well. You don’t only talk about marketing campaign, but also how valuable your business is. You need an objective, strategic, and creative execution. How does one run a successful digital campaign?

You must clarify your target. The real target will determine the direction of your campaign, starting from the very general strategies into the very specific tactics. Your target campaign should be more specific, measurable and realistic but full of purpose and directly proportional to business objectives.


Determine and select the best strategy for your business. The real target or your customers, approaching into the channel and budget will surely help you to reach the top result of your business.

There are a lot of benefits you could gain from digital campaign. You can penetrate all level of customers. People can go online no matter in what society level they are. Thus, a solid digital campaign strategy makes it bigger. It also saves and reduces costs, having traditional promotion spend much cost especially for printing, by going online, the cost is save.

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With digital campaign, you can also measure the success of a method used in real time because the traffic of your visitors can be found by using Google Analytic. You can immediately see the increase in the number of visitors or searcher for your business. You don’t have to wait any longer, a week or a month as what people done traditionally by offline visit.


Digital campaign is a great potential for your brand development. Website management will add value for your brand, the content is clear and quality, utilization of social media channels. Optimized content keywords as a part of a digital campaign helps your business expand and have a wider exposure without excessive cost.

In today’s era especially, there are a lot of opportunities of going viral on websites, email, and social media channels, which is an effective way to make your digital campaign exposed to the public. Digital marketing are able to make potential customers visit your website, brows your business product services and conduct transactions. It will bring a higher and bigger engagement level for your brand.

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