“The key to engaging content? Think bigger, bolder and braver.” -Ann Handley

Business owners are beginning to realize that social media is one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand due to the social media advancement as a part of digital ads.


With social media, you can promote your business widely, besides it can strengthen its market share as well. Social media advertisement will stay the same when you apply just the same way as your traditional advertising. 

Social media has become a part of most people’s daily lives today. Thus, it is so effective and flexible to apply your own social media marketing. Here are some secret strategies to activate your social media ads, especially for those starts up.  

Create Multiple Ads Version


You have to create multiple social media ads version, make some copy with some different version. Then, you can apply those with some different picture and adjust it with your target audiences. In this way, you can see which advertisement is the most effective one.    

Use “Learn Button”


You should use “learn button” and add call to action button as well in the bottom side of advertisement, especially on Facebook. There are seven most common call to action buttons that can you choose based on the content of your advertisement, such as ‘Shop now’, ‘Book now’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Sign up’, ‘Download’, ‘Watch more’, and ‘Contact us’. These buttons will really help your advertisement work effectively, compared with not using any buttons at all.

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Create Custom Landing Page  


Increasing sales mostly is the main target of all business owners, including you. Custom landing page is good choice because it gives the real result. Many digital campaigns succeed by using this landing page for their social media marketing.

Promo Content Or Discount


Based on a survey of Facebook users, 70 percent said that they tend to click or open advertisements which offer promo or discounts. Trust me, that discount invites many people to come and visit your site. Writing “discount” in your content will be success.

Mentioning Price In Front


For some customers, the offered price can be as a consideration to decide whether they will buy or not for certain product. It meets your goal finding the people directly buy your product.

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Have you done with these? If you haven’t, try these steps now! Or your business will lose its place in the market place. Interested in social media ads and digital marketing world? Learn more about it here!