Nowadays, social media is really helpful if not crucial in improving the deals of B2B of a company.

This is the impact of the fast movement of digital era, thus social media marketing follows it as well. Having B2B business, you don’t have to spend more time for calling and meeting for hours. They key point is you have to create your best digital marketing strategies. It makes you stand on your way, and may leave your competitors.



Always be The First

If you promote your business and offer people your product, and it’s new or really different from others’, people will keep it as the first of yours. There is no doubt of being the first will always be remembered and become one of the best references.

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It is same as the new product, in applying the new launching of every single tool on social media; you have to be the first user. Because there are still many B2B companies that are slow to adopt new social media features for fear of the consequences of brand image. There is no harm in trying out new social media features when it’s still hot so it’s easier to drive public memory to your brand.
Display Company Culture 

The focus of social media is human. Don’t hesitate to display a strong corporate culture that you are proud of. Don’t be shy to share your achievements, or other awards. Showing the corporate culture will increase client confidence, while capturing new talents who share the same vision, mission, and passion in your corporate culture.

Tell Your Employees

Sometimes B2B companies feel stutter if they have to share stories on social media. One of the reasons, some say that their content is boring. B2B companies are more accustomed to sending press releases than posting stories on social media. It can inspire others.

User Generated Content

Inviting audiences to contribute content can be done by B2B companies to exist on social media. If you want to try this method, use a hashtag, and don’t forget to mention accreditation.

Behind the Screen Story

You get more choices of social media features. If you have behind-the-scenes stories that allow you to share, please experiment with features on social media.

Brand Awareness

Social media is the right platform to build a company’s brand awareness. For B2B companies, optimize everything that can display your brand. Use the brands in every side of your advertisement. Thus, when people see, they will aware of your brands.

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