“Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.” – Philip Kotler

Digital Marketing is a branding product effort created by the digital world or internet. Website and social media are both the common ads that a company uses. It aims to reach the customers quickly and precisely. Simply it can be said as a promotion tactic for your product.


You can create and install advertisements of your company in websites, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedln, Twitter and other social media ads. Digital marketing is created as a part of digital campaign, that is carried out to reach the goal with the higher cost from your personal social media to the well managed social media campaign.

Social media influence is the people such as bloggers, youtubers, vloggers, artist, celebrity and the professional one to give the great impact in digital world. They usually have many followers in social media. Their suggestion and recommendation influence the public opinion.

Social media influencer can be said as one precious thing that a company must have to set the brand on top. They own the habitat or wider area of social media. They can bring your product even to a personal level. It happens as the effect of lifestyle. Public gets in aspiration and willingness to follow the influencer’s life style.

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Agency, for this matter, is a tool that can be used to promote and increase the sales of your brands. The agency makes the analysis of your brand issues, for both side you and your clients. The agency pays attention on your sales, development and analysis in creating new product. To get the best result, it should be done carefully. If not, it will lose.


The agency also observes the best solution and recommendation with some strategies from the previous analysis. Thus, it can be run in line with the need of your clients. The manager of the agency distributes the job description to each division in your company. It can be distributed to IT team, design graphics, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) and others. Agency improves and corrects your website, creates new product design, renews your advertisement marketing content.

The best campaign can run well due to the proper distribution to the entire part of the advertisement creation. You decide and measure the strength of your company to choose either social media influencer or marketing agency for your social media marketing.

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