“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web.” –Rick Levine

Business must run in nice or difficult condition. Business owner should prepare not only one marketing method. Using internet to do marketing is not a strange in this digital world. Company can do website development to make them and their product easily found online.


Website development can do by business owner in small business, or a person that got responsibility to do this. But for both, here are step by step of website development to make your business grow digitally.

The Idea And The Purpose

You need to define your idea and the purpose about develop a website. This idea and purpose will affect the next steps. Share this with the website designer and content maker. Make them understand what you want. Let them have a guidance that make their product accepted.

Let The Expert Work

If your skill is not website development, don’t waste your time to learn and make it your self. You had to think about innovation of your products. So give this responsibility to website designer. You may had to pay them, but this will be better then waste your creative time to do this. Hiring expert will be faster and the product must be good. Save your energy.

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Website designer will show you the prototype of the website. Make sure you check all of the part. If you found there is something missing, you can ask the designer to add it.


When the prototype accepted, the designer will transform it into wireframe. This will make element interact one another. Make sure the wireframe work. Then add the background picture that can describe your vision and mission.


Customer will need information about your product, the benefit, and other useful information that has connection with it. For example, if your product is shoes, your content may about the benefit or using your shoes, how to take care of the shoes, how to wash it, tricky shoe rope tie, and so on.

Keep It Working

The website is ready. Now is time to keep it working. Make sure you had working hours schedule that your customer know. This will make them know that you only answer and respond on the schedule.

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Website development is not easy. But if you don’t understand about this, hire expert to help you. you’ll got a better website then if you make it while learning. Expert will need less time then if you are the one who do it. Interested in reading more about website development or other website marketing related articles? Click here!