“Facebook Fan Pages are email newsletters with smaller pictures.” – Jay Baer

Business owner begin to realize that social media is one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand as social media advancement. Social media become a part of the people’s daily lives today. Thus, the marketers must know how to make it effective and flexible, digital ads works here.


One of the biggest social media is Facebook, it published Facebook mentions in 2004, and firstly it was used by certain people. It is created to make the two way communication easier and simpler. Facebook Live is one the interesting features. Two main reasons for using are to control the need of bandwidth and to get the higher video stream standard to reduce noise in news feed.  

Social media marketing changes time by time, and it’s so fast. As marketers, you have to be creative in creating the opportunities to make people know your brands. Through Facebook Live, you can do many things for sales target.

Broadcast With Facebook Live


You can do broadcast for your brand or products, but of course you have to make your Facebook setting public, so everyone can see your post. Describe the product with some interesting words and it will invite visitors to come.

Improve Your Video Quality


Focus on your broadcast, you have to pay attention on your choice of words. Interesting title will influence people to join your live. Use good audio devices. Use dual camera on, front and back, despite of your face, it can reveal the other side such as your product, business process, and so on. 

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Understand your audiences. Test your broadcast length and time, the effective time to introduce your business is between 3-5 minutes. Finish the video with call to action, just like informing the update website or private call for further info. Be selective.

Edit Your Video


After doing activity on Facebook Live, you can edit the video to re-share it. You can watch and see the most responsive part of your advertisement. Ads manager can make the advertisement from your live video, it expand your channels.

Repurpose Your Video


You can embed the video thus it can be seen in your other social media and it increases the views. It’s important for your target.

Streaming video, especially on Facebook Live is a big chance to improve the numbers of your followers, basic customers and viewers as target customers.

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