Technology has been developing rapidly. Nowadays, people mostly prefer to use the internet more than TV when it comes to entertainment and information.

And in addition, social media is the most popular place to surf on the internet. People can spend at least 3 hours on average a day for just just to surf social networking sites. Digital marketing strategies such as digital activation and social network marketing are the right online marketing to help you keep in touch with your customers around the world.


Here are several social media marketing tricks that you should know before using it. These tricks will surely help you, as these are the best social marketing method that has been used by marketing professionals around the world. Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful to help you improve your social network marketing.

The first trick for optimizing your business market share is to curate visual contents. Visual contents will speak a lot more than textual contents. That is why it is a great move to engage your costumers with images or videos for great social media marketing trick.

According to a study, internet users love watching about 12 minutes of video a day on Facebook. It will sound great to you. And, using social media visual will increase more engagement up to 2.3 times. You, as a social media user would never want to read long text, would you? When you share a link with long texts in it, people don’t usually read them. Thus, it is better for you to use visual contents such as infographics.

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The second trick is to find the right social networking sites to use. There are countless social media platforms in this recent years. It is good for you to know the platform your customers love the most. Mostly, young people love to spend their time on Instagram and Snapchat, but they are loyal to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, male and female have a different platform to use. Based on a research, 70% global female users prefer Pinterest.

The last social media marketing trick you should use is to be responsive. Delivering fast responses and feedback on social media is an effective move to connect and engage with your audience up to 40%.

By using the social media marketing strategy, your business will be able to generate more sales if done properly and carefully.

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