“90% trust peers on social networks (even strangers); only 15–18% trust brands.” –Danny Brown

Modern people can’t separated with their digital world. There are so many activity peopla can do digitally. Working, send message and letter, communication, search information and picture, event house wife who look for recipe before cooking. To buy something, people may not need to go to a market. They can find shop that do social media marketing, choose, and it bought in a click.


This condition make almost all company do digital marketing. They use many digital tools to share information about their products and campaign. Although common marketing still do, but digital marketing is another way to do it. Company can maximize digital marketing tools to make them found in internet.  Company fight to be number one in search engine result. This will make them known well. First in the list make big ability of visited by internet user.

Customer also get the benefit. They don’t need to feel the tired body after product hunting in real market. Customer ease by the ability to compare product and price with many shop in no minutes. They can do this anytime they want. For payment, there are a lot of way to do it. Customer only need to find the appropriate one.

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Social media marketing is not only for big business. Even small business will be very helped by social media marketing. Business owner only need to make an account that they can use to introduce their products. Prepare good pictures and useful content to interact internet users. Make interactive connection with internet users. Make friends and groups that can give others benefits. With this way, you can get loyal customers.

Loyal customers will follow you and wait for your innovations. They’ll become the first person who orders your new products. They also can share their experience with you and your products. This nice review will get their friends’s attention. Those friends will be curious to you. You’ll get more customers without pay any money. You only need to give your loyal customer rewards and attention in many situation.

Social media marketing won’t work if you unkind in internet. Remember, internet users not only can share good review. Your bad attitude or treat to them will shared in no time. So, be kind from your heart and consistent. You’ll not only get friends, but also loyal customer with your good attitude.

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