“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” –  Pierre Omidyar

Digital marketing has become a necessary job for producers or companies. Common marketing, like advertising on newspaper, magazine, radio, and television will reach less targeted market in this digital era. It’s normal, because nowadays, most people read news, story, listen to music, watch movie, and watch live show by their social media. They don’t need to wait for a TV station to stream the live show.


Knowing this phenomenon, a company should realize that social media should be one of the marketing tools, being the most effective and efficient one in this digital internet world. One of the method is social media activation.

In social media activation, marketer will have to make a good interaction with the target market. Marketer have to communicate, answer questions, greet the audience, give tips about how to use the products better, and many other relationship methods.


This method will help the target market to become ‘like’ friends or family with the marketer in a small space, also with the product and company in a big space. Social media activation allows the target market of the company to feel experiences that they may never felt before, from the old advertisements or marketing methods. This will engaged target market with the company and products.

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Planning and technology is also necessary due to the growth of communication technology. The marketing team should plan step by step, so the company will know what to do with the social media each and every day.

For example, in the first day, the company’s social media account will share tips related to their product and services. The second day will be filled with the explanation of a product. And so on. 


The last but not the least, creativity. To make an eye-catching picture, of course you need creativity. To make an everlasting quotes, you also need creativity. Creativity is needed everywhere. Nowadays, without creativity you won’t go anywhere far.

If the company isn’t creative enough at its services, it is recommended for the company to hire a person or an agency who can do the job really well. Of course this alternative will be very useful due to the social media activation program.

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