“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” – Matt Goulart

Sales experiences can be achieved from audiences with their each characteristic. Thus, social media activation comes as your term for how you bring experiences from your target audiences to your target experience. The impact can be maximized by your brand to engage your current customers and to welcome new ones. It becomes wider.


The respond of the posts for new customers is one important point. It can be called the beginning of your sales. It starts here, in the modern way. When you acknowledge that a sale is something complex, you are able to create the way of approaching things differently, setting up such a bridge in between your old style to the new one. It builds a strong brand relationship. Here are the top tips to set your media activation up.

Having Contest To Afford More Hype


Social media contest is one of the most effective ways of social media activation to reach the customers. You have to share that make them comfortable to keep their interest. The material posted is eager to share, the follower will do, and the effect is the benefit of your brand.

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When only a fraction of your customers share your company’s posts or use your hashtag, you can do more by encouraging your followers to participate in sharing your post in form of photos or video. You have to ensure that you post the shareable ones. The more they share, the more the chances to welcome the new experiences. You must do the straight posting to build up their aware of sharing automatically. This will boost your social media activation pretty easily.

Offering A Prize To Expand Your Reach


Setting up for the next level of above deals, giving away prize is a good deal for customers. The giving away prizes can be in many forms, it can directly be addressed to the responsive customers or to the new one as your upcoming experiences. In line with this, award or social media recognition increases shares.

The key point of these social media activation tips are based on your content. When your customers think that your post and the offer or contest is interesting, they will enthusiastically join and share your post, retweeting, reblogging and reposting your content for their own followers. It becomes a new lead for your business.

Of course, all of this social media activation tips can run smooth by choosing the right digital ads platform as a part of your digital marketing improvement.

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