“Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology” – Brain Solis

Do you have a brand? A brand new brand that you wish to be booming in the future? How about making people realize your brand through a cheaper but in quality way? If so, your brand is becoming widely known by so many people. They shall be your prospective buyers who easily find your brand. After that, the transaction finally occurs and closing more and more. Then, they will be your loyal customers.


One way to do all of it is through social media activation. This is the fun way how people who has the brand approaches their target to notice everything about the brand. In a smooth way and modern.

Current business competition is quite enough to make brand owners difficult to defend their products above other products. This is also a significant obstacle for brands that have just released on the market. To overcome this, you need one tool to promote your brand for the purpose of brand awareness.

When people are aware of your brand, they will be interested in your product and want to try it. Seeing this opportunity, you are able to build relationships with consumers who will soon become regular customers of your product.

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Build the relationships with the customers nowadays is easy through social media. You can get engaged to all of your customers by sharing photos, videos, or stories about your products every single day in social media. You can determine which platform you want to use like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube through Google Analytics. More than 50 percents engagement and transactions occur because of this social media activation.


LinkedIn is well-known as the best social platform for the company who wants to launch new product. There are so many audiences who use LinkedIn for business. No wonder if more than 90 percents of Business to Business companies chose LinkedIn to promote their products.


Facebook makes you interact to customers more closely. Any inquiries and complaints from your customers can be handled more quickly. This is certainly very useful to reach engagement with customers. Let your customers contact you easily by putting your business contact on your Facebook page.


Twitter with its hashtag and polling can be your tools to engage with customers everyday. Use the appropriate hashtag to inform all of your products. Don’t forget to post attractively, unique, and fun in order to get the brand awareness. Then, make some polling on Twitter related to your brand and every single products. Make sure the polling is interesting. You can also give some gifts to your followers when the polling ends.

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Your brand will be booming after you do social media activation. Many companies have proven this. So that, their brands are still known to the public until now. You want to know more about social media activation and social media marketing? Click here to see more article!