“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider” – Dave Naylor

The main component that needs to be formulated in building a business is to have a specific target market. This specific targeting will be very helpful in marketing products to consumers. You can also budget marketing funds more precisely with specific targeting. Consumers also become easier to recognize the products and brands being offered. When you have done a detailed analysis of the target market and the consumers you want to achieve, you can also save time to start the first step in building a business.


Determining the business market is usually referred to as Niche Market. When the check has been determined, the next step is to carry out marketing execution. You can use a website to make it easier for you to reach consumers. The use of this website must also pay attention to SEO or Search Engine Optimized so that your website has a tremendous impact on your business.

The first way to maximize your Search Engine Optimized website is to create a design that is compatible with search engine algorithms. When you use a website that already has Search Engine Optimized support, it is very likely that your website can appear on the first page of search engine results. Today, many consumers are using the Google-based search engine to find the desired product. The next way you can apply is to create quality articles and post them on a scheduled basis.

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People are looking for interesting, useful, and quality articles when they search for something on the internet. When many visitors are willing to spend a lot of time lingering on your website, it will also affect the ranking of your business website. And also can provide a “share” button to make them share the article with others. The more people visit your website, the more positive your business will be. In making articles, it must also be noted that the use of keywords and the suitability of bridging words per word in the content presented.

Another component that needs to be considered to maximize SEO is the speed of loading your business website. This website loading speed will also affect consumer intentions when accessing your business website. When consumers find a website that has slow loading, it is possible for them to cancel to access your website and immediately press the cross button from the browser used. Using pictures with huge size will also have an impact on the loading page.

There are several ways that can be applied to speed up loading your website. The first way is to cache the business website. The next way is to use the help of the appropriate website plug-in to support website speed. Avoid your website having a “broken link” or usually displayed visually with a 404 page warning or forbidden page. Broken links can cause a bad image of your website in search engine algorithms. Check regularly for every link on your website.

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The way you handle SEO settings could lead you to success. That is why you should implement these tips in your SEO settings for your benefits. You find this particular article interesting? Check out our other articles for more insight about digital marketing!