Some year ago, people still choose to advertise their products in the mass media.

Televisions, radios, and even newspapers and magazines are the popular choices for advertising the products. These media was successful in introducing products. However, it was some years ago. Nowadays, things have changed. With the existence of internet, many things changes and of course it is not bad changes, but good changes. These are improvements and the old ways are no longer effective and efficient. That is why now people start to optimize the internet as media for advertising the products.



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It is true that internet provides many things that cannot be found some years ago. With a single click, things can be accessed. Only by seeing the screen, the world can be seen. There are also social media that becomes the now world of the current generations. It has been so common to access social media, even it can be called strange when someone has no social media account. Of course, this is also because of internet. Related to the social media, there is also what is called as Social Media Marketing. This is a new way of marketing and advertising. When televisions, radios, and newspapers are no longer effective, social media provides the better access for marketing.

This can happen because nowadays, most of the people spend their time in their social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media have become the new world where people can communicate with others. It is also the way to obtain information. In this information, there is slot for advertisements. That is why it is very important to optimize the social media as the new way of marketing. Of course, this should also be supported by the Digital Activation, so the marketing can really boost the engagement of the customers and people can know more about the products.

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