“Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.” – Tim Ferriss

B2B and B2C are both different business in reaching the customers. B2C is the process of targeting directly to the customers. 


B2B is the business which target is reaching deal from one business to another. Thus, there will be an agreement between both, in short and long term. In gaining the deal, what you need is to know and understand the way of winning in B2B marketing by applying the proper strategies.

Segment Character of B2B

B2B is the business that provides products or services to the company or to other business. Thus, what should you do to reach it? You have to build your business networking based on your own business segment. By the development of technology, you can use various methods to market your brands and business.

The Right Digital Marketing Strategies

In this digital era, digital marketing comes to solve this issue; you don’t have to come and visit your target directly but enlarge your networking by social media activation. Basically, the marketing strategy in digital marketing is the same as conventional, but has a way and approach that is superior scale and ease of expansion.

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If your target is the deal of B2B, you have to do more on your social account rather than just post the products or services. You need to go deeper such as the usage of Facebook ads or come to reach the decision maker by looking for the profile on social media, influence people around to know our products or services; this is what is called as customer journey. They need to know your product, finally believe and then buy. It can be said in that simple way.

Content Marketing Strategy

You have to know your target and the way to get it. What you have to do as the next step of promoting is to notice your content marketing. Content marketing is a strategy to use various media to convey information and you convey your intentions at the sales process such the up to date of market now, the difficulties faced by the company until finally your product come and help the company needs as their solution for the industry. Thus, use the media that can convey your intention to your prospective customers who will be your next loyal customers.   

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Therefore it is recommended that you really utilize all of these media to introduce your products and services not only directly selling but by creating useful content for them, so that your relationship will be increasingly intertwined well.