“In the 21st century, the database is the marketplace.” – Stan Rapp

Who doesn’t know about the term ‘search engine’ these days? Google, Yahoo, and other search engine have always been a big help for people who are looking for a certain information quickly. Students, adults, elderly even presidents around the world use search engine as their means to access information. It is no longer the era to find information from thick books like encyclopedias and other printed references that. Looking for information can be done easily and it would take anyone less than 5 seconds to get the reference where the possible information can be found. This is great solution to access information and many links of sites will appear right after the keyword is typed.



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Search engines have brought lots of benefits for people. Additionally, many kinds of information are also available to be accessed freely in websites. Some printed references are also available in digitalized media, and these can be found easily just by typing the keyword in the search engine. In fact, the information is not only about exact things or news. Information about a certain brand’s products can also be found by using search engine. That is why now plenty of businesses have started to use services of SEO or search engine optimization as a means of brand promotion. This is a service that can help certain sites appear in the top lists of search results. Brands and products can appear in the first page of search result with the help of search engine optimization.

The optimization cannot be separated from Digital Activation. This is very important nowadays when things are digitalized and accessed through internet. Websites become so important and this activation is also about the optimizing the work of website. In this case, the activation is not merely about website optimization. It can work much better in increasing viewers and customers engagement. With the help of the experts in this field, of course marketing can be much better. Digital marketing can be boosted and its success rate can be higher. The site can be transformed into better way of marketing and this can be done easily.

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