The word “Google” has been made into a valid English word on dictionary, not without reasons.

The word “Google” has been synonymous to “research”, “information”, or “data”, also not without reasons. As the kind of today’s search engine, Google is where knowledge can be gathered from. But we are not here to talk about how thoroughly massive Google has revolutionized our ways of collecting data. Instead, we will discuss about the thing that you can do with Google in accordance with how it helps improve your own company. There is this thing called SEO and if you had not known about this already, you should stick around to get a first glimpse.



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It is actually a type of brand awareness, a method every business owner in the world should thrive in order that their company can be ever-present on the internet. Short for Search Engine Optimization, it is basically an attempt at placing your company website on the first page of Google search engine. It works through a set of keywords devised to be a proper word that when being searched on the engine will direct visitors to the best source relevant to that keyword. In doing so, you can be present closer to your customers.

Unlike social media marketing, in which you actively promote your products and brand, SEO allows you to prepare the entire backbone of your company’s visibility on the internet. Social media allow you to interact with your audience closer and more direct. SEO makes your website easily accessible by anyone whose attention you’ve grabbed through the more direct marketing effort. By improving the online visibility of your company website, you practically let people to easily get into the thing you are offering them. Once you implement proper optimization to your website and make sure that it stays on top of search results, you can ensure that traffic into your company is increased significantly.

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