“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”  –Milan Kundera

Instagram is one of the social media that allows users to share photos and video. At first, it is for personal use, but by the improvement of the digital era, Instagram is used as a tool of doing B2B business and a tool of digital marketing. The company takes the advantages of this social media digital marketing looking at the high number of the users. All you have to do these following steps.


First of all, create a business page, Instagram offers you two types of homepage, business or personal. You choose business page, you will get some useful features for your business activities like insight, it has three business information, they are how often your page is visited, which content is most viewed by visitors, and who visits your Instagram.

Determine your digital marketing strategy, determine what your main goals are when creating your company account. The right marketing strategy using Instagram can make your business partners understand the value and service you offer. Upload interesting images, another key to success to attract the attention of the audience is to pay attention to the design of the image. You can use various visual design applications such as WordSwag and InstaQuote to produce professional designs.

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Add the relevant #hashtag, like SEO, hashtags can be very powerful to increase the number of viewers in your business’s Instagram posts. Every time you upload a new post, add a caption followed by a hashtag that is popular and relevant to the image. Periodically update, there are no statistical data stating that updating the business diagram regularly can increase the number of followers. But, your consistent in updating make people aware of your brands and business.

Show profiles and photos of your employees, create a post for your employees who are working proudly and happily in your company to build follower trust in the business you run. It shows behind the scene of your business. It gives consumers confidence that your business is done in a good process. Pay attention to the quality of each post, you can use several Instagram analytics tools such as Iconosquare and SimplyMeasured, which can provide detailed information about the number of comments liked. In fact, you can also find out what posts are most in demand.

Share for share (SFS), the last way to use Instagram for your business is to share. You can do this by promoting your business partners through repost and tagging. That way they will also do the same for your Instagram business. The result is that your follower can increase.

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By following these steps, your B2B digital marketing strategy will surely be successful with having the exposure and reach it needs. Interested to read more of digital marketing? Click here!