“Big businesses can help by engaging aspiring entrepreneurs and promoting initiatives which support small businesses from within.” – Tory Burch

Have you participated on any contest on instagram? And what did you do to win the special prize? In the recent years, Instagram has evolved ever so greatly that sharing pictures with friends and colleagues is not its only purpose. It also can also function to support your business. Nowadays, even the biggest companies and brands in the world use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy, and Instagram contest is one of the most effective ones out there.


This article will describe you all the reason why you should run a contest on instagram.

Why you should run a contest on instagram?

To run a contest on Instagram is actually an excellent idea to gain your followers involvement as well you raise your brand awareness. The followers of the account who participated on your contest will notice your campaign, they will curious and visit your account and there is a possibility for them in joining the contest.

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Running a contest on Instagram also will raise awareness of your brand product on instagram. It is truly essential for you since brand awareness is what you need in developing your business. When you know people love to win some stuff from a free and easy contest, they will do every rules you made in order to keep their chance to win the prize. So that, you can set the best rule that will give you more profit.

First thing first, set the goals of your contest. Since you will need a different kind of contest to achieve a certain goal. If you need to gain your brand engagements, “like-to-win” and “comment-to-win” contest seem suitable for you.

Get ready to get lots of notifications because this is the easiest contest ever to join. In the other hand, “Tag-to-win” and “follow-me” contest will boost your followers number, since those method require anyone who wants to enter the contest to follow you, which will also increase the possibility of getting new followers from the tagged accounts.

In addition, if you have set the goals and the kind of contest you’ll use, you can choose the time to run your contest. Go to your Instagram analytics to know when your audience is most active. Moreover, to make it even more enticing, you can run giveaways during holidays or national events.

Using influencers to run the contest together is also a brilliant idea to catch the attention of your targeted audience. All you have to do is confirm that the influencers are aligned with your brand. Then, wait their followers visit and join your contest.

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While we’re at it, you can also attempt to combine all the types of the contest to bring a massive impact for your instagram account. If you interested to read more about digital marketing or social media marketing? Click here and find more interesting articles for you and your business!