“We don’t just build websites, we build websites that SELLS” ― Christopher Dayagdag

Website development can be called as application development that is more inclined to what happens on the back-end of web development. Thus, it doesn’t only deal with the web visitors and how the interaction builds up by the navigation, application and the entire tools and feature. Furthermore, it creates the characteristic and the web functions which bring through those sides both from the visitors and the business owner in accordance with the things that have been planned and prepared previously.



There are some terminologies in web development that we’ll explain to you right after.

The first terminology is e-commerce, also called as marketplace, takes role in web function to highlight products while maintaining the system. The second is content management system (CMS), SEO and SEM, and business development through social media. And lastly, web applications for mobile devices (phone, smart phone, tablets and other type of gadgets.

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To develop a working website, be sure to follow these steps:


Before you begin on developing your website, be sure to create a plan beforehand to help you remind what you should and shouldn’t do to your website. Here are some important points to remember when planning on developing a website:

  1. Find the reason behind the web development
  2. How much money will it cost to develop the web
  3. The main objectives of the web development
  4. The method you will use to develop the website
  5. Ways to improve the website in the present and in the future

Website Content

Once you’ve set the plans, ready up the contents that you will put into your website. The content should be useful to your website’s prospective visitors, so make sure to find out what your target market want and need from your website. To help them enjoy your website content, add visuals and sounds to go along with the text. 

Website Design

As stated earlier, create a design that matches your brand personality into your website. This will help your website visitors picture your brand and its personalities. However, be sure to create a design that functions well with the features of the website. Do not add unnecessary problems by adding unrealistic design that won’t work with the website.


Before constructing your website, decide what kind of website do you intend to build. Do you want to develop an e-commerce website? Do you want to create an web app? Or do you want to develop a consultation website? Define what type of website do you want to develop beforehand to help you construct your website more easily.


Test your website regularly to ensure the entire tools run based on its function. Ask people to visit your website and look for any feature or content that doesn’t work. This way, you will reduce the chance of having a bugged website once its launched.

Webhosting And Maintenance

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to find the right server to host your website. Find web hosting companies that are capable of hosting your website and its content. And once the website is launched, be sure to maintain it every once in a while. Set a schedule on when to do a maintenance and always remember notify your web visitors for scheduled maintenances. 


Marketing is your real activity for your customers and target customers. It’s time to offer and promote your product thus it’s known and being familiar for public. Product description and the detail information really help this to reach the sales goals. Decide your marketing strategies to gain your sales target.


Online marketing has some services to cover all selling process; it involves the support/customer service, transaction, product delivery, after sales service, and some other supporting service.  

Now you’re all set! With these tips, you are more than sure to create a wonderfully working website that will surely please your customers.

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