“Content Doesn’t Win. Optimized Content Wins” – Liana Evans

Digital marketing is an online marketing or using digital means that aim to achieve the target audience more than just using the media promotions traditionally or offline. The initial cost required to perform this digital marketing is quite a lot, so it needs to be prepared a detailed budget to reduce waste. This digital marketing strategy is suitable to be applied to help marketing Business to Business or better known as B2B.



The use of digital marketing is very appropriate to achieve the target and efficiency of advertising costs. One of these digital marketing strategies is to use the website. The use of the website will make it easier to market the product and reach the broader target audience, therefore should pay attention to every important component in website development and development.

The components of website development will affect the success of the digital marketing strategy. The look of a website should be interesting and can show the professional and trust of the company to the consumer. Therefore, website design becomes a very important thing. In making the website should pay attention to the layout and composition of images used. Both components must be tailored to the product or service you are marketing. An important component in making other websites is the content presented. You must present useful content to get lots of website visitors.

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The way that can be done to attract visitors to this website is to present the content in the form of articles or reviews about the product or all matters relating to the product. make sure you present useful reviews so that your website visitors are interested in purchasing your marketed products.


The registration or subscription column of information via email becomes the next important component in website development. Use of this email is one of the media that is very telling to do personal product promotion. The equally important component is the contact list of companies that can be contacted. Include a special website page to display a list of contact companies that can be contacted by consumers.

This will work to increase consumer confidence in your business. In addition, the presence of this contact list can make consumers to convey feedback on products in your business. this feedback can be utilized for your business development to be better. Take advantage of the website with the maximum because in this modern era of digital marketing is a major pillar in the activities of marketing products and services. Digital marketing can also be used for brand activation.

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