Some years ago, huge brands like Coca-Cola used to publish their ads only on TV.

Many TV stations and programs are not only for entertainment, but it is also to attract many businessmen and companies to place their ads in the programs or station. However, now things have changed. For some people, televisions and newspapers are no longer interesting. There is internet replacing those media. Internet can provide them with what they need. Whether it is information, entertainment, knowledge, and other things can be found in the internet. Moreover, it has fast access. By several clicks, things are already in front of the eyes of the internet users.



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It is true that internet has bring a lot of changes and improvements. Some decades ago, maybe most of the people cannot predict that things can be so easy because of internet. Even, accessing information and other things are as easy as typing keyword. With search engine, all kinds of things can be accessed only by typing the keyword. By the keyword, references and choices of sites will appear and it can be the answer of what people need. In this case, this can also be means of marketing. It is very possible to make the companies site appear in the top list of search results. With some optimization, the site can appear in the first page of search result and this can make the possibilities for people to access it higher. This is can be solution for marketing and this can be done by using SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

This service can make sites has high level of activities and it can increase possibilities of sites to appear in the top list of search result. Even, it is not a big problem to make the site appears in the top results whenever the related keyword is inserted. Of course, by using the Digital Activation, things can be very possible to happen. This way of marketing can be more effective and efficient. It is because people spend more time in internet nowadays and this can be cheaper compared to placing ads in TV and other common media.

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