“In the information age, build a website before you build a workplace.” ― Amit Kalantri

Creating great content on your website could be tricky sometimes. When you have good and optimized content, it will lead your website to success. Optimizing content comes as the result of the right SEO management. The problem is, you or anybody in general may be unfamiliar with SEO management. In this article, we’ll show you the four main pillars of SEO management in order to target your audience. And, if you apply those pillars, your business will grow to success.


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There are four important things of SEO management that every online marketer should know about and understand:

The first step is to identity your demand before you start to create SEO management plan. This step helps you to know what topics your audiences are interested in so that you can easily empower them to follow your brand and engage with your brand. To make it works best, you can see on your existing content on your website, and see which one is driving your website traffic and most successful for your organization.

The second step is to understand your competition. Understanding your competitors means you can uncover what they are doing, where they are failing and, where they are succeeding. Once you succeeded to uncover it, you can start with new keywords in the area where they are falling short.

Then, create and then optimize your content after you do research on your competitor. You should create something meaningful that will entice your costumers to come back to your website and share your page. In this matter, you should not be a follower or do the same thing like what they already said.

And finally, measure and evaluate the results. Measuring your result is must when you work with SEO management and you should never neglect it. When you see the result after those steps, the analytics will help you to show how the future of your business campaign with effective methods. And once you’re successful with it, you can have your SEO strategies supported by another digital marketing strategies like for example social media marketing.

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