“The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years.” – Rupert Murdoch

Technology is developing very rapidly, making the digital era also have impact on the economy. This will also affect consumer behavior, consumer thinking ways in choosing or eliminating a product, and shopping patterns from consumers themselves.


The convenience of consumers in getting information on a product from the internet should also be used by companies and business people. Product marketing becomes easier and have wider reach and makes the target consumers more specific and directed, by using the internet.

Maximizing digital or internet marketing is very important for business to business market or commonly known as B2B market. However, the internet can also be applied to other types of business, such as business to consumer (B2C) market types. Digital marketing has various facilities and benefits.

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One of them is, the digital footprint used for digital or internet marketing can be accessed twenty-four hours by consumers. Unlike conventional marketing, where there are limitations of access and the targets that can be achieved are also different. When doing marketing by placing advertisements in magazines and newspapers, the level of effectiveness is still low, this is because people who buys magazines and newspapers are not necessarily looking for advertisements about a product installed in it.

It is a whole different thing when using digital media to advertise your business. The use of digital advertising can reach consumers more precisely and targeted. The next way to do digital or internet marketing is to use social media more optimally. The current consumer model requires companies or business people to be able to provide quick information about their products. Consumers want companies or businesses to easily connect with them. So, one way that can be done is to use social media to create an official account of your business.

The presence of social media can also make corporate engagement with consumers. The ease and speed of access to informations makes consumer meet their needs in shopping easier. Companies must pay attention to the details of consumers’ desires to improve their business. In addition, the company must also be flexible by utilizing various digital media to present content marketing that can appeal to consumers.

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Digital marketing will definitely increase brand awareness of the products offered to consumers. Interested in reading more about digital marketing? Click here to see more articles!