“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web.” – Rick Levine

Internet changes everything. This sentence is true. Since the existence of internet, things have started to change. Nowadays, things have improved and this cannot be separated from the role of internet. Internet has made people get easier access to information. Of course, with better access of information, many things are easier to obtain. Many inventions and developments can be done when there is good and fast access of information. In this case, internet is not only about the development of the world. Internet also brings changes in the means of advertising and marketing.



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In the early existence of internet, maybe people would normally still prefer televisions, radios, and other printed media as way of marketing. However, the tables have turned. For some people, they call marketing in TV or even radio and printed media are no longer efficient.  Even, some call these as old way of marketing. They are no longer effective to introducing products for customers, since now customers have also moved from TV and radio to the gadget. Smartphones, tablets, PC and computers have drawn people attention since the development of internet. Information and entertainment can be accessed now with the gadget. Social media also becomes so popular. Even, marketing is moving to the social media instead of using TV programs and radio.

Marketing in social media has become a new way of marketing. There have been many international products who turn their attention and start to make ads in social media. Of course, this can be so effective since majority of people now accessing social media. This can also be more effective yet cheaper compared to the ads in other common media. Of course, when this is supported by great Digital Activation, marketing can be boosted and products can be introduced in much better way with high level of efficiency and effectiveness. Surely, it is time to make things digitalized.

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