“You cannot buy engagement. You have to build engagement.” – Tara-Nicholle Nelson

One could say that social media activation is related to brand activation. Brand activation is not just a theory, but focuses on the right marketing steps because there are many brand marketing methods you could use. Thus, brand activation is an effort of a brand to look and conduct deeper analysis of various matters relating to many things such as business brand, brand position, and brand development strategy.

Four main pillars of business, namely product and service, identity, employees, and communication, are essentials brand activation to be succeed. Brand activation aims to foster good relations and attachment to consumers, strengthen brand position in the market, and improve brand quality. Note that the existance of a brand is an image of the product or even the company itself.

So, the selection of this brand name is crucial for future business development. Simply by existing, your brand will attract the attention of competitors, so business data of your competitors make a comparison between your products and competitors’ brand products. Brand activation itself is expected to increase brand awareness of potential customer and society in general.

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Form of Brand Activation

The form of brand activation can be direct marketing activation that deals directly with consumers. It can be done by making an event in the form of games arena, exhibition, and can also be in the form of an election contest for the brand. Also, the media which you should use for activation can be through TV media, print media, radio, and CRM.

The next form of brand activation is in the form of Social Media Activation in the form of direct brand relationships with consumers through activities carried out on social media. This form can be activated on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email blasts.

The next form is promotions activation, which involves a special promo related to the products and services that brand offers. This form can be explored by giving discounts, giving special packaging, launching new products, holding lottery prizes, collaborating with brand ambassadors to promote, and many others.

What You Should Do Next?

Carry out sponsorship activation in the form of funding an activity is one of the next step you can do. Some examples of funding are sports activities and organizing music activities. Sales will occur when prospective customers are familiar with the brand or brand of your business. Furthermore, if the customer grow fond of your brand, they will most likely buy your products or services.

Social media activation is the right step to make people easily recognize your business brand. By doing so, you could create a bridge between business and consumers so the two thing connected well. Prospective consumers can follow your business brand or brand through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social platforms. Make your customers become loyal customers by making it easy to recognize and get information related to your business brand.

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Social media activation is important, both for your business itself and the brand you tried to build. Therefore, you should start immediately. Interesting in finding out more about social media activation? Click here!