“Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is.” – Chris Anderson

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, has the role of increasing the ranking of your business website or website on search engine results pages, other known as SERP. SEO has two types, namely On Page search engine optimization and Off Page search engine optimization. On Page search engine optimization is a way to increase website rankings and website traffic in search engines.

You must present quality content on your website by optimizing the keywords used. Important component that you should consider for optimization for On Page search engine optimization are Page Titles, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Structure URLs, Keyword Density, Content Optimization, Image Optimization, and also H1, H2, H3, H6 Tags. Components for Off Page search engine optimization are different, because for this type of search engine optimization focuses on building links with various activities related to business websites.

Another note you should take for consideration in building an off Page strategy is search engine optimization Social Networking Sites, Blog Submission, Guess Blogging, Business Listings, Image and Video Submission, Social Bookmarking, Image and Video Submission, and so on.

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For your business can be easily recognizable, you must do a proper strategy regarding the search engine optimization. The first step can be to practice the complete tutorial for doing On Page search engine optimization, as follows:

  1. Using permalink which is optimization-friendly search engine.
  2. Using H1 & H2 Dynamic tags for the theme used.
  3. Applying responsive theme design.
  4. Speed ​​up loading business websites that are used.
  5. Use Schema Markup to help search engines display more informative results on the search page.
  6. Doing “No index” for low-quality pages or Low Quality Content websites.
  7. Use the XML Image and XML Sitemap Search Engine, and also use the sitemap for website visitors.
  8. Avoid duplicate title tags, duplicate title descriptions, duplicate H1, and short descriptions.
  9. Using the social sharing button.
  10. Using the right and trending keywords in the title of the article or content presented on the website.

The strategy used is indeed quite a lot. You can apply one by one to make the quality of your website good and improve business. Another strategy that can be used to do SEO optimization is to prioritize User Experience, also use a title that can invite click or click bait. You can also use the internal environment, you should also reduce the use of Bold, Italic, and Underline. Part of the content in the form of images, you can use the Alt attribute in the image.

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